Our Story

The Quadd is an online interior design & decor studio based out of Miami, Florida offering a variety of  home design & styling services especially crafted to your needs, and budget!

Built upon the four ideas of decor, design, dream and do, The Quadd is a place where people, ideas and passion for creating beauty in your life meet. Where you can tell your story through a collection of what you love, where functional spaces for your whole family can be created, where you can find inspiration to follow your dreams and encouragement to do what you love - no matter what that may be. 

The Quadd was founded by Diana Quadreny Restrepo, a designer, decorator, bargain hunter and thrift store junky with a strong passion for all things home decor, design and the arts. From a very young age, Diana had always shown an interest in homes and decorating, constantly rearranging her bedroom furniture and being fascinated by any space that would appear to be lived in (let's just say the Smith Family Treehouse in Disney was, and still is, an obsession). With much encouragement from her family and friends, Diana made the first move to start the career she truly wanted. She received her certificate in Interior Design from the University of Miami, where she was invited to return and showcase her work to the following class. With this motivation, and after several years committed to the corporate world of marketing and advertising, Diana decided to follow her dream and open her very own company where she could share her passion and put it into action.

This journey has been the true inspiration for The Quadd's philosophy - we hope to inspire you to make your house a home and design a life you love.

Diana Quadreny_The Quadd Owner